Data Analysis

Reports & Dashboard Creation

Our core competency is to collect, consolidate and streamline data into meaningful information that enables you to drive your business decisions and actions. We have years of experience doing data analytics and solutions for insurance/payers and supply chain.

We use both standard off-the-shelf technology including SQL programming, SQL server, Access and Excel as well as other data bases, or we write custom software and scripts for data aligning, removing duplicates and other data integrity issues.

High Value Report & Dashboard Design

  • Requirements and validation
  • Query creation
  • Summary tables and aggregation
  • Meta data and dictionary
  • Trending and comparison charts and graphs

Report & Dashboard Creation

Financial Audit

Our audit centers on a financial statement or contract that includes clear and measurable parameters. We examine those parameters and compare actual results versus what appears in the financial statement or contract. We have experience working on both financial and contractual agreements, driving results for markets that include insurance/payers (pharmacy claim data), supply chain (bill of sale) and telecom (CDR and DDR).

Requirements & Objectives

Audit Logic

Reporting: Financial Gain or Loss

Data Strategy

A data strategy focuses on a set of key operational items that enables an organization to plan and manage its data. It is crucial to determine the strategy’s ultimate goal for the organization, whether it be increasing market share, improving production, or reducing operational cost. We work with you to plan and implement a data strategy that can be a game changer by creating differentiation, which provides you a distinct and vital advantage over your competitors.

Sales Performance & Improving Market Share

Improving Production

Improving Operation and Increasing

An Example of Our Solution

If you are an insurer facing constant increasing costs for your employees’ medical coverage, we have multiple solutions using your actual pharmacy claim data which can help you reduce or manage cost.