Business Analytics

Business analysis is the practice of enabling change in an organizational context by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders.

Our business analysis uses a two-pronged approach of data and project analysis. Regardless of what your specific business challenges might be, we always:

  • Discover your needs
  • Create clarity
  • Drive alignment and value
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Overall data solutions such as data warehousing, big data analytics and BI solutions all require a comprehensive strategy when starting a project.

This includes key items that must be carefully considered to ensure a successful outcome:

  • Clear business drivers/organizational intention
  • Data determinations about what data to gather and where to store it and why
  • Proper staffing including:
    • Subject matter experts/data scientists
    • Business analysts
    • Project Manager
    • Technical staff support
  • Technology and tools

Data Analysis

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Regardless of how an organization approaches a project, certain steps are critical to achieving success:

  • Discovering the key business objectives
  • Defining and validating the project scope
  • Formulating the plan and deliverables
  • Defining detail requirements
  • Supporting the solution implementation
  • Helping the solution deployment
  • Assessing the solution values

Business Analysis

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We live in an economy that more than ever depends on knowledge. As a result, companies find their internal data can be a strategic asset and a source of knowledge. Data, when it is analyzed and used for decision support purposes, can be a differentiator and provides a competitive edge.

Adametrix’s core competency is to collect, consolidate and streamline data into meaningful information that enables you to drive business decisions and actions. We also have experience enriching the data from external data sources when it is needed to drive more value. The project deliverables are valuable business reporting and dashboard creation.

Data Analysis

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In today’s business world, data is a game changer. Data itself does not provide value, but when used correctly, it powers effective decision-making that drives actions.

We provide data analysis solutions that enable organizations to make rapid and insightful decisions such as:

  • Planning, determining tradeoffs and exploring alternatives
  • Monitoring contractual, operational and financial performance
  • Responding swiftly to changes in the market
  • Predicting future business outcomes
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An audit examines raw data in a systematic way that enables executives and business managers to draw conclusions on business matters and take action on needed items.

We conduct data audit and analysis using the actual raw data for contractual, financial or operational purposes. While data analytics and audits can be used in many market sectors, we have significant experience auditing pharmacy claim and supply chain data. Our typical audit work includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Audit logic
  • Aggregated highlights of key measurable items
  • Financial clarity/actual vs. contract comparison
  • Reporting

An audit provides an organization insight on business matters such as performance, fraud, waste, abuse, and policy/regulatory noncompliance issues.

Data Analysis
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